Osaka – The Busiest City of Japan

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The city has numerous amounts of concrete a building, which doesn’t make it a sight to behold or appreciate much, but if you’re on your tour to Japan, you have to head to this city for your shopping needs in reasonable rates and infinite varieties. But at night with all those neon lights shining, it gives a charming statement to the city. It houses live music and local art shows and also showcases amazing culinary scenes. You can dine from the street food to the exquisite dining scenes. Osaka is very popular for its fun entertainment attractions.

Denden Town

The town is literally known as the electric town, this place is the most popular for shopping cheap and the best of electronic goods. All your needs will be fulfilled right here. This town carries the liveliest of products apart from electronic goods, like costumes and comics and stuff. It houses many gaming arcades and stores for adult entertainment.

Universal Studios

This is the most loved attractions in Japan. And Osaka housing it earns the most from its tourism. The theme park is located on the outskirts of the Osaka city. It houses various known attractions such as Harry Potter’s Wizarding World or Jaws and it also houses its self made exclusive shows like Cool Japan. There are certain escape room arcades available with themes such as monster hunting or the Scouts of the sailor, and they provide them in 7D experiences.  

Kuromon Ichiba Market

It is a local market facility, and it hosts more than 150 stalls whose major style is for food tastings and some of them serve the ancient Japanese artifacts. Apart from being a market, it is a business hub for Chefs to bloom their food stalls. You can go on a tasting tour here. It will cost you around 300 yen.

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