Ontario’s London

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Ontario’s London, like the one in England too, is based on the Thames River. The best way to explore this city is by traveling on a double-decker tourist bus. They provide the tourists with a two-hour trip, of discovering this city. The most of the discovering involves spotting the historical museums and ruin sites.  There are several villages you can take a tour of it that interests you. There are several museums you can visit; famous of them all is the open air museum.

Niagara Falls

The most popular and internationally acquainted heritage they Canada beholds is the Niagara Falls. The Niagara falls have about three sections; the middle section of those is the steepest standing at 57 meters. It is famous for the huge amount of water it carries. When you’re present there, with the noise that amount of water makes, you cannot hear even your own voice, and it is that grand. You can take a guided tour around the edges of the falls, so as to get hold of the spectacular beauty. The mornings for the view are the best.

Canada’s Wonderland

At least thirty kilometers away from the main Ontario city is one of the largest scaled amusement parks counted amongst the others from around the world. It is popularly known for the intensity of its thrill rides such as roller coasters. There are several other theme parks inside the wonderland like the water park and the dinosaur park. There is several live stage shows held and costume parades that are mighty spectacular.

Lake of the Woods

The large lake is a very incredibly scenic spot for going out on a picnic with your family. There is several fishing trips organized that you can be a part of or you can also opt for boating in the lake. It is a very calming and relaxing location; you will not want to leave.

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