Nagasaki – The Food Town of Japan

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Nagasaki is a perfect picturesque place for you. Its location is sublime, overshadowed by the hills looking above to the harbor does not let you feel that this same city was once struck by an atomic bomb attack. Most of the visitors roam around the memorials and the monuments, but apart from these, the city has to offer obvious other attractions like its very famous streets for superb tasting food. It is a very charming cosmopolitan city. It also houses the major trading ports for Japan. And it highlights the hue of Japan’s western and eastern culture together.

Local Chinatown

It is not the original Chinatown, but as its name suggests it is local and will serve you the tastiest and spiciest street food of Japan. Some kinds of snacks are there, you haven’t even heard about. The most famous cuisines for these street foods are sea-foods. Most famous snacks included in their street food is the Kakuni-Manju which is a traditional pork cutlet, which is first marinated, cooked and then served in a bun with their secret spicy sauce. There are several sweet treats available too like pound cakes and chocolate steam cakes.

Nagasaki Penguin Aquarium

This aquarium is situated at least 30 minutes outside the main city. It houses hundreds of penguins and you can take a hard look at them from the underwater tanks, and spot them swimming around. You can take the tour of this aquarium on weekends as they also provide you with feeding frenzy for the penguins. Feeding them with your own hands is an experience you will never forget, these creatures are inexplicably cute. It also houses other water lives such as catfishes. You can also find a beach, besides the aquarium if you want to rest with your family. The entry fee for the aquarium is around 300 yen.

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